Visual representation of the intersection of catalysis and machine learning

NSF Research Traineeship

The Internet of Catalysis is a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) program at the University of Kansas. The goal of the graduate training is to make data driven discoveries at the frontiers of science & engineering.

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Why is this training needed? 

Building common ground across disciplines will enable researchers to mine, organize, and exploit the myriad data sources relevant to chemical reactions. Trainees will work together to design novel software and machine learning tools to explore uncharted territories in chemistries that rely on catalysts. This new approach to catalysis has a good chance of leading to breakthrough discoveries for real-world problems facing society today.

Why catalysts? 

This program focuses on catalysts because these materials help reshuffle molecules into many types of desired products.  From fibers to fuels, paints to plastics, drugs to detergents, catalysts are crucial to human society.

How to harness data? 

We use Natural Language Processing and other machine learning tools to extract and analyze data from experiments or publications in the field of catalysis. With better tools like this and training in how to harness data, researchers will be able to more effectively—and quickly—uncover viable solutions to challenging chemistries that rely on catalysts.

What is the overarching goal?

We envision that the burgeoning “Internet of Catalysis” will have a similar transformative impact as the "Internet of Things" (IoT), which is changing everything from how we shop to how we travel. Our goal is to change how scientists and engineers do research. By combining novel training and data harnessing techniques, we hope to reveal hidden properties that can activate a desired reaction. In other words, we are using computing power to drive discovery.

You belong here!

In this program, we work together with individuals from a range of educational and cultural backgrounds. This diversity enriches learning and innovation. We aspire to create a space where everyone feels valued, respected, and appreciated.